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Loud Live Productions, LLC is a Student Youth Performing Arts Company. It is a Unique Performing Arts Educational Program. Inspiring young talent, from all areas across the globe, to train in music, drama, acting and all other areas of the entertainment industry. One of the most exclusive features taught to their young talent is the unique, site-specific, immersive theatrical elements. As a part of the Loud Live Productions Youth Performing Arts Program, talent may receive weekly training and rare performance opportunities to showcase their specialized skills in the Arts. Loud Live Productions has created an Entertaining, Unique, Immersive, Site Specific Theatrical Experiences, that will leave audiences wanting more!

You may be asking yourself, “What is Immersive Theater?” Immersive Theater ( or Interactive Theater) differentiates itself from traditional theater, by removing the stage and immersing audiences within the action.. allowing audiences to converse with the talent and interact with their surroundings. Get Ready World.. Loud Live Productions, LLC is bringing you their Unique Performing Arts Educational Training Program To You.